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    Safe-Dry® of Collierville is a carpet cleaning company specializing in effectively cleaning carpet, rugs and upholstery without the use of harsh chemicals! That’s right — our solutions are 100% all-natural, completely safe, and non-toxic making Safe-Dry® of Collierville the safest option for your family and pets! Our process consists of a unique, carbonated solution that will shoot millions of microscopic bubbles into your carpet which will then completely lift dirt and grime to the surface to be wiped away! This process does not require any heavy equipment or hoses to be drug through your home. The best part? In an hour or less your carpets and upholstery will be completely dry and prepared for you to resume normal activity.

    Since our solutions are made up on pure water and all-natural ingredients, you can guarantee there will be no sticky residues left behind! This allows your carpet to stay cleaner, longer!

    MORE REASONS TO CHOOSE Safe-Dry® of Collierville

    At Safe-Dry® of Collierville, our technicians are highly trained professionals ready to do professional work. Unlike other carpet cleaning companies, we set exact appointment times! If for some reason we are running even 15 minutes behind schedule, we will call and let you know a head of time. We try our hardest to stick to our cleaning schedule and prefer to begin cleaning within the stated time. In case of any delay, we always let our customers know well in advance so arrangements can be made.

    Every job we go to is different so while we will gladly give phone estimates, we prefer to see what will need to be cleaned, take measurements and give our customers an exact price, upfront, in writing before we begin the cleaning. When that price is agreed upon, and we receive a signature, we will then begin working. No hidden costs, no surprises.

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