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  • Pet Stains & Odor Removal

    Pets are a lovely addition to any family. They bring a certain kind of joy and happiness. But pets come with a clause. They are hard to maintain as they leave stains all around and an intolerable odor, which make things worse.

    These pet associated problems become a challenge to their owners, who often find it difficult to bear with them. Bacteria growth leads to pathetic pet odor, and it is a common case in dark and warm places such as your carpet. The longer you leave them unattended, the worse the situation becomes.

    What to do?

    If you too are facing these problems, the best option is to opt for a professional pet odor removal service. Safe-Dry® Carpet Cleaning is known to be the best pet odor remover carpet cleaner. We understand your pet’s value deeply and so, we provide only the best solution for your pet problems.

    Pets also leave urine deposits, to clean which can be extremely unpleasant for you. Urine deposits lead to permanent color loss and this can seriously affect your home decoration.

    So, worry no more! We can take care of all of these problems with ease. Avail our services and get rid of these irritating pet problems in a natural way. We are a pet odor removal company in Collierville, reputed for using completely environmentally safe techniques.

    Our services

    The aforementioned pet problems can cause permanent staining. We offer guarantee to remove any kind of odor from your rugs and carpets. Our specially created formula breaks apart the proteins and molecules, behind the stains and odor.

    We believe in producing long-term solutions. Hence, our team does not stop the irritating odor temporarily. Instead, they permanently remove the agents leading to such an unacceptable odor. Thus, we eliminate the chances of the recurrences of these issues.

    To keep your home clean and free from such stains and odors, call us now!


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