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  • Few Easy Tile and Stone Cleaning Tips for You

    September 26, 2018

    Kitchen, bathroom and various other areas in a house require tile and/or stone flooring as they’re a durable choice. But, with proper care and maintenance, you can increase the longevity and shine.

    Some simple tile and stone cleaning tips that work

    So, how to clean and maintain the stone and tile floorings? You can cover the floor with rugs and when it’s time to clean those, contact the contact the best rug cleaning services Collierville TN. Here are some methods that you can apply yourself to clean tiles and stones.

    • Getting proper knowledge of the stone

    For executing your cleaning plans, first, you need to have an appropriate idea about the stones or tiles that you want to clean. If the floor in question is being installed or is already installed, then you need to identify the type of stone that is used.

    Alternatively, you can place rugs on tile floors and get in touch with the best rug cleaner in Collierville TN to get these cleaned. However, remember it’s important to figure out the type and category of the stone. If it’s marble then it can get damaged by acid solutions. In the case of porcelain, they are most often way more porous than explained.

    • Mopping the floor with the help of warm water

    If the floor is devoid of stains and doesn’t need heavy cleaning, you can run a damp mop over it. It is a sufficient cleaning technique. But do remember to use fresh warm water for cleansing the mop after one portion of the room is finished with.

    Then repeat the whole process until you are done with the entire room. It is a very easy
    and simple process that produces satisfactory results. If you are planning to clean the rugs covering the tiles and stone floors, consider contacting a reliable rug cleaning company in Collierville TN.

    • Using entrance mats

    Sand and grit can damage any kind of stone or tiles. You can use rugs as well as mats at all entrances for trapping maximum portion of the sand. This will eventually prevent the grit from reaching your floor.

    So, before hiring a professional, try out these tips on your own and make the tiles shine forever! Following these methods will help you keep the floor thoroughly cleaned with very little efforts. Don’t forget to cover the floors with high quality rugs.

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